What to Do If Your Refrigerator Is Not Cooling

What to Do If Your Refrigerator Is Not Cooling

If discover that your refrigerator is not cooling, this is a major issue. This is one of the most common malfunctions of a refrigerator. Because this is a huge problem, one must understand how to first determine if your refrigerator is not cooling. This trouble-shooting tutorial will then allow you to fix your refrigerator without calling the help of a professional.

Begin With the Essentials

Prior to breaking down the refrigerator and taking out components, you must examine the more apparent factors as to why the refrigerator could not be cooling down. If you shut the door and the light stays on, it’s a relatively excellent bet that the cool air is leaving the door. If the freezer area is very cool, and the fan is undoubtedly blowing, examine the regulator that routes cool air to the refrigerator.refrigerator is not cooling

Look at the Fan

An additional problem when a refrigerator is not cooling, is the fan. The fan is what routes the cooled down air to the various parts of the refrigerator. Often, exceptionally cold air is placed into the freezer area; as the fridge section requires additional air conditioning, the air is directed to that area by means of a basic fan. When the fan breakdowns, the cold air could not properly travel around the system as intended, causing a refrigerator that is not cooling down properly. Fans could malfunction for many reasons. In some instances, there may be ice stuck in the fan cutters. In order to test for this, defrost the refrigerator. If the fan starts running as it usually does, you are in luck. If not, the resulting torque has most likely blown the electric motor and the fan and the motor will certainly need to be switched out. Changing a fan is fairly basic. Write the correct model number on hand, or a piece of paper to make sure that the correct part is purchased. Likewise, while waiting for the part, you should safeguard perishables, such as milk, in the freezer area. Without the fan, it will stay warmer than the freezer is expected to be, yet cooler than the refrigerator.

As soon as you obtain the fan, find the area where old fan is mounted- normally it is behind a panel at the rear of the freezer area. Disconnect the entire refrigerator to ensure that no power exists. Eliminate the panel covering the fan, keeping in mind how it was put. Unscrew the old motor and fan and install the new one. Switch out the back panel and plug the system back in. This is an easy repair service that you can complete by yourself.

Check Cooling Parts

If you switched out the fan, and still discover that your refrigerator is not cooling properly, you could have a larger problem. Things such as coils can end up being clogged. In some occasions, the actual cooling down device fails to work properly, runs down or loses coolant. To figure out if there is cooling trouble, find the location of where the coolant is activated; this is typically in the back of the refrigerator. You can place your hand near that location and determine whether it is getting cool as your fridge cycles on and off.

An additional trouble is if the coils are becoming cool. If you don’t really feel any kind of air cooling, look at your manual to make sure that you are analyzing the best location. It is not advised that you attempt to repair the cooling down section of the refrigerator. In this occasion, professional help is suggested.

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